Preparation of organizational reports, business plan development, general as well as an in-depth review of competitors and the market, including detailed review of expected scenarios with specific action plans - if you need professional help in these listed areas, you have an opportunity to easily solve this problem with my strategic and financial services.


My research activities include detailed research of various markets, as well as research on brands, products, and related trends. According to your needs, I can also help you out with quantitative research.


If you are in the process of establishing your company and organization, or you intend to take the existing one to the next level, here are some things you will need in the first place: Logo, Manual, Defining the Overall Image of the Brand and a Brand Book. I am here to help you design every single one of them.


The order of marketing and sales process contributes to its success. Thus, first off, I create a strategic document of the brand, which deeply delineates the brand’s philosophy, vision, values ​​and all other characteristics. A communication platform of the brand is the second phase which connects an already unified brand with the audience - for this, I visually bring the brand to life, form the communication language and share its experience with the customer. At the end of these major steps I choose different communication channels and make a required strategy for the brand to exist in these channels. Finally, I successfully manage these channels to increase the popularity of the brand as well as to stimulate sales and encourage customers. If you need my help with just one or a few aspects, please, contact me.


If you do not have an experience of running a business and an organization, or would like to have a better one, I am here to do it for you. In the beginning, I will structure your activities, define organizational processes, and teach you how to operate using the latest standards. You can also hand the management of your company's HR system or operational management over to me. Any service is intended to create a document of recommendations for the future development.


Web and App Development is a huge and integrated process, however, I could help you out with the individual services included in this process. As of the overall process it’s as follows: a technical document is created, the concept of web design is developed, and after its confirmation, the final design is created. After Backend and Frontend Development is completed, the process itself is complete.


I offer several directions for your organization or business software: with my guidance you will be able to create a technical document that allows you to operate independently in this process. However, if you still find yourself in need of my assistance, I will help you to adapt to the organizational process document. I am guided by the latest technologies and modern standards in UX/UI Design.